Work Experience

Council is committed to supporting our local community by offering the opportunity to undertake work experience across a broad range of employment and professional areas.

Council accepts students who are required to undertake work placements in association with study and/or qualifications.

To be eligible for placement you must:

  • Be currently studying (High School, TAFE, University or College);
  • Apply for a placement that is relevant to your current study requirements;
  • Have current insurance coverage (Certificate of Currency) covering the duration of your placement; and
  • Submit your request with a minimum of one month's notice and no greater than three month's notice.

While we place as many students as possible, due to high demand we are unable to guarantee that all requests for placements will be met.

Submit your application

To submit your application please complete a Work Experience Request Form and return it, along with your institution’s current insurance coverage (certificate of currency) to