Initial notification – 5 Smalls Road Grasmere – Concept DA and Planning Proposal

Council has received a Concept Development Application (DA) and Planning Proposal that seeks to develop a Seniors Housing development at 5 Smalls Road, Grasmere.

The site currently has a 9.5m height restriction on the site. Several buildings proposed under the Concept DA exceed this height limit. A Planning Proposal has been lodged to increase the 9.5m height limit to a range of heights including 13m, 16m, 20m and 24m. The proposed height increases are limited to certain locations on the site to facilitate the building envelopes proposed under the Concept DA.

The Concept DA and Planning Proposal will be assessed concurrently. However, as the Concept DA relies on the increased height sought as part of the Planning Proposal, the Planning Proposal must be determined by Council prior to any final consideration of the Concept DA.

The Concept DA and Planning Proposal will be notified for a 6 week period between 28 August – 8 October.

Submissions received during this time will be considered in the assessment of the Concept DA. For the Planning Proposal, submissions will be addressed in the report to Council for formal consideration (Gateway Determination).

During the 6 week notification period, the Concept DA, Planning Proposal and accompanying documents will be available to view below.

Note: In accordance with the safety measures implemented by Camden Council to avoid the spread of COVID-19, physical copies will no longer be displayed at Council Libraries and the Oran Park Administration Building.



Submissions should be received by Council no later than close of business on 8 October 2020.

Your comments can be emailed to or alternatively addressed to:  The General Manager, (Att: Jordan Soldo, Camden Council, PO Box 183 CAMDEN NSW 2570.

Further enquiries relating to the Concept DA should be directed to Jordan Soldo, Senior Town Planner on (02) 4654 7613.

Further enquiries relating to the Planning Proposal should be directed to Kashfia Hasan, Strategic Planner on (02) 4654 7616.