Initial Notification - Pondicherry (Part) Precinct Tranche 41

Council has received a Planning Proposal for the Pondicherry (Part) Precinct – Tranche 41. This Planning Proposal seeks to rezone and subdivide land north of Oran Park to facilitate 470 residential lots and deliver 3.9ha of open space and 2.44ha of riparian corridors.  

Council is notifying the community of this Planning Proposal to seek their initial feedback on this proposed development. The initial notification period will start on 31 August 2020 and ends on 21 September 2020.

Note: In accordance with the safety measures implemented by Camden Council to avoid the spread of COVID-19, physical copies will no longer be displayed at Council Libraries and the Oran Park Administration Building. You can view the documents via the links below:

Planning Proposal

Initial Notification Fact Sheet - Planning Proposal


Submissions are welcome and should be received by Council no later than close of business Monday 21 September 2020.  Your comments must be in writing, emailed to or alternatively, by posting a letter to The General Manager, Camden Council, PO Box 183, Camden NSW 2570.

 For more information please contact the Strategic Planning Team on 4654 7777.