Draft Camden Local Housing Strategy

The draft Camden Local Housing Strategy (LHS) has been developed in response to region, district and local planning policy objectives to set a clear plan for housing in the Camden Local Government Area (LGA) over the next 10 and 20 years. Based on evidence from the Housing Market Analysis (2019), it establishes projected housing demand and housing supply before identifying potential planning capacity gaps to meet housing targets.

This LHS sets out the Priorities, Objectives and Actions to ensure that: land zoned for housing is supported by infrastructure; communities are resilient, healthy and connected; the right housing is delivered in the right location; there is housing choice and diversity for all; and strategies are pursued to address housing affordability.

Please see the Frequently Asked Questions document for further detail on the draft Camden LHS.

Public Exhibition

The draft Local Housing Strategy is on public exhibition until 26 November 2020. A copy of the strategy and supporting information can be found below:

As part of the public exhibition, Council will be holding an online Community Engagement Workshop on 28 October at 6pm. If you wish to participate in this workshop, please RSVP here

If you need a language translation service, please call 131 450 for assistance.


Comments on the draft Local Housing Strategy are welcome and written submissions must be received by close of business on 26 November 2020.

Submissions may be emailed to mail@camden.nsw.gov.au  or alternatively in writing, addressed to: The General Manager, Camden Council, PO BOX 183, CAMDEN NSW 2570

Should you require further information, please contact Council on (02) 4654 7777.