Claims for Loss or Damage

If you've experienced a loss or damage, and you believe it was caused by Council, read the information below about the remedies that may be available to you.

Please make sure you have reported the problem that contributed to the loss or damage to Council before you make a claim. This may prevent someone else experiencing the same loss or damage. Click Here to Report It

If you intend on submitting a claim for compensation for your loss or damage, please note that Council will not automatically accept liability for a claim. Generally, Council will only accept liability in cases where the claimant can prove that Council knew there was a problem and was negligent in dealing with it. When assessing liability claims, we are guided by the Civil Liability Act 2002. 

If you’re not sure whether you are in a position to make a liability claim, you should consider obtaining independent advice.

Making a Claim

If you have experienced damage or loss and you can prove, in accordance with relevant legislation, that Council has liability for your loss, you can make a claim for compensation. Claims can only be made online. You must provide evidence to support your claim. This may consist of photographs, videos, reports quote for repair, invoices etc.  Council cannot assist you to obtain this information.

How to Make a Claim

A claim for compensation must be made using the online Camden Council Liability Claim Form. Claims can take some time to investigate and process, this depends on the complexity of the matter and the information you provide. Most claims are resolved and responded to within 10 business days.


Receipt of your claim form does not mean that Council accepts liability for the damage or loss that is being claimed.

We will assess your claim in accordance with relevant legislation, based on the evidence you provide and our own investigation.

We may accept your claim if:

  • You have experienced a loss or damage
  • There is sufficient evidence that Council has liability for the loss or damage in accordance with relevant legislation
  • Our investigation supports your claim.

We will not process claims for compensation unless the Camden Council Liability Claim Form is correctly completed and supporting evidence is provided.

We will not pay compensation unless a claimant has proved that Council is lawfully liable for their loss or damage.

If a third party has caused damage to your property, we will not be able to help you.

Types of Claims

Information about some common types of claims that will help you to determine if you should make a claim - Click Here

Lodge a Claim

Click Here to submit a Claim - Camden Council Liability Claim Form