Camden Artist Register Form

Camden Council supports the promotion of a Creative Camden providing opportunities for local community to access and participate in arts and cultural activities, and various projects and events throughout the Camden LGA to activate our cultural venues, creative and open spaces.

By electing to join the Camden Artist Register, you agree to Council utilising details to contact you regarding opportunities in your field of expertise and make referrals to external parties for creative projects that may be of interest to you.

The Register covers Macarthur region artists and creatives from Camden, Campbelltown and Wollondilly Local Government Areas.

Please ensure that you update your details regularly to provide current Arts Practice categories, areas of interest and relevant experience and work samples.

Do you identfy as Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander?

Identify your Arts Practice.Please choose a maximum of three.

I wish to be contacted regarding activations that involve:

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Access the Information Guide if you need further assistance in completing the online Artist Register form.

On request I will provide the following information if required:

I give Camden Council permission to publish the Directory in a digital or hard copy format. Only items marked with an * will be published.