Family Day Care Information

How do I apply for care?

Parents/guardians can complete an Application for Waiting List which will provide the details of your care requirements and any additional information that assists the coordination unit staff to offer the most suitable educator.

To lodge your Application for Waiting List:

  • Complete the Application for Waiting List and email it directly to
  • Contact coordination Unit staff between Monday and Friday, 8.30am to 4.30pm on 4645 5190 who will take you details over the phone
  • By visiting the coordination unit located at  Narellan Child Family and Community Centre, 16-24 Queen Street, Narellan NSW

Completing an Application for Waiting List ensures that Camden Family Day Care staff has the necessary details to place children with the most suitable Educator available. Parents are contacted by Family Day Care staff upon receiving the application to discuss the care arrangement and potential Educator vacancies. 


What happens after I submit my application?

The Coordination Unit maintain current vacancy information for each educator registered with the service. Updating vacancy details and placement of children in care is a continuous process and management by the Camden Family Day Care’s placement officer.

During the initial enquiry stage, Coordination Unit staff may ask you questions relating to individual care requirements, family practices and care expectations.

This information will then provide the staff with a basis for referral which suits your individual education and care needs.



 When we receive your completed application form the details provided are registered and filed on our  Waiting List Register. If your details change after returning the Application for Waiting List, please contact the Coordination Unit to provide the updates.


Coordination unit staff will contact parents with the name and contact telephone number of potential Educators  when a suitable position becomes available. With careful planning and consideration Coordination Unit staff will always endeavor to provide families with more than one educator during the referral stage. However this is dependent on age groups, the child’s priority of access rating and Educator vacancies.


 It is the parents’ responsibility to contact the Educator to arrange a time to meet them and discuss the education and care needs. Ideally contact should be made within three days of the referral.


If the parents and the Educator are both happy to proceed with the placement, the parent contacts Camden Family Day Care within 48 hours on 46 455190 to arrange a formal enrolment interview. An enrolment pack and checklist of required documentation will be posted for the parent to complete prior to the interview. Should you feel that the referral given wasn’t suitable or wish to discuss placement  further, please contact the Coordination Unit and speak to the placement staff.


Parents are required to provide completed enrolment forms and  supporting documents at the time of the booked enrolment interview that takes place with a Coordination Unit staff member.During the interview parents are provided with further information regarding the education and care of their child/children. This includes requirements under the Education and Care Services National Regulations and National Standards, Camden Family Day Care  Policies and Procedures and Family Assistance Law.Parents are encouraged to discuss any questions or concerns with Coordination Unit staff.


Children are able to commence care only after the enrolment process has been finalised and all required documentation has been provided to the Coordination Unit.