About Camden Family Day Care

Quality Early Childhood Education and Care

Camden Family Day Care is committed to the Australian Government National Quality Framework (NQF) for Education and Care Services. The NQF was implemented across all early childhood services nationally in 2012. This means that all Australian children, regardless of their location, will get the best possible start in life through high quality early childhood education and care and school age care services. The Framework will help providers improve their services in the areas that impact on a child’s development and empower families to make informed choices about which service is best for their child. 

Educators and Coordination Units are assessed and rated against the National Quality Standards to ensure quality education and care service is being delivered to all children and that the service is committed to continuous improvement.

Camden Family Day Care is currently assessed as "Meeting" the National Quality Standard (July  2018)



Our point of difference is that we offer:

  • Flexible hours to suit individual family needs
  • Small groups (no more than 4 children under school age + 3 school age children)
  • Family-friendly environments that focus on play based learning
  • Emphasis on supporting children’s individual interests
  • Consistent educator providing stability and commitment to building strong relationships with individual children and their families
  • Genuine respect for family values
  • Commitment to collaborative relationships between staff, educators, families and children



Camden Family Day Care caters for children:

  • During standard and non-standard hours (flexible hours)
  • Before/after school
  • During school holidays
  • In some circumstances overnight and weekends

Children are nurtured and cared for in the homes of approved Family Day Care educators who are trained, resourced, supported and monitored by the Camden Family Day Care Coordination Unit team.

Camden Family Day Care is sponsored by Camden Council, approved by the Department of Education and Communities and operates in accordance with the Education and Care Services National Regulation.