Support for Special Achievers Program

The Support for Special Achievers Program provides monetary support to gifted and talented people living in the Camden LGA.

The program provides a grant of assist to meet the costs of participation in a cultural, academic or sporting event representing NSW or Australia. Applicants representing NSW may apply for up to $500 at 10% of total cost of the trip and applicants representing Australia up to $750 at 10% of the total trip (E.g. If cost of participation is $5000, the total amount that may be applied for is $500). The grant may be applied for once every four years (each Council term). Applications are received at any time during the year.



  • The cultural/academic/sport activity shall be of amateur status and generally promoted by a non-profit organisation;
  • A special achiever, for the purposes of this program, is one who has been selected on merit, to represent NSW or Australia in their chosen field of endeavour. This definition includes people with disabilities;
  • Evidence of selection involving a merit based process must be provided;
  • Council may grant a donation to an applicant under this program at least once every Council term;
  • The recipient shall be a resident of Camden Local Government Area;
  • Payments under this program will be calculated on the basis of 10% of total costs with a maximum payment of $750 being provided for any one request for a national representative or $500 for a state representative;
  • Evidence of the costs incurred must be provided with the request; and
  • Applications can be made retrospectively within 12 months of the event.


Written applications must provide information required to meet the eligibility criteria. The following information needs to be provided:

  • Name and address of the applicant;
  • Amount requested;
  • Purpose of the request;
  • Evidence of selection must be provided as well as any other supporting documentation; and
  • Budget breakdown and proof of costs



To apply for this program, please download and complete the Support for Special Achievers Application Form.

For further information please contact Camden Council's Community Project Officer, Social Inclusion, on 4645 5106.