Community Grants Program - Sport and Recreation


Community Grants Program - Sport and Recreation 

Please note that this grant is only available to Incorporated Associations, Not-For-Profit Organisations, community and sporting groups and registered charities.


 Council recognises and values the strengths of the Camden community, including the strong sense of belonging, demonstrated through participation in a range of community, sporting and cultural activities implemented by community organisations and groups.

Community organisations and groups delivering essential services to the Camden local community have been impacted during the COVID-19 pandemic and the number of residents accessing these services has increased as a direct result.

The 2021 inaugural COVID-19 Community Grant Program (the Grant) has been adapted from Council’s Community Small Grants and Sponsorship programs and designed to address the challenges faced by community organisations, groups and the wider community during the COVID-19 pandemic and throughout the recovery period.

Application forms for the Sport and Recreation Grant can be found here.

Guidelines for the Sport and Recreation Grant can be found here.

Projects can be applied for that promote coaching development, the increase in participation, pathway development of athletes and coaching, sports administration programs and courses for officials and volunteers

Applications for equipment should demonstrate how it supports the overall projects that meet the criteria.  Each application should consider the sustainability of the project and ensure that the program is viable post the initial funding contribution should the project be successful for funding. This funding is only available as a one-off to each applicant. Applications for recurrent funding will not be considered, however the application may show different stages of project delivery throughout the 9 months allocated.

Grants up to $7,500 are available in this category for eligible sporting organisations. Initial allocation of funding must be expended in the current season or within 9 months whichever occurs first.

Applications to this Grant can be made at any time from 17 March 2021 until 19 April 2021 through the Smarty Grants Portal.

Please contact for any further information or call (02) 4654 7777. 

For further information, please email 

To be eligible for consideration of  funding, an organisation must:

• Be not-for-profit; or

• Be a registered charity; or

• Be an incorporated body or be auspiced by an incorporated body;

• Offer a project within the Camden Local Government Area

• 75% of participants must be from the Camden Local Government Area (excluding proposed digital/online projects that will benefit and by their nature are accessible by, both the Camden and wider community)

• Have Public Liability Insurance of over $20,000,000 or be auspiced by an organisation who have Public Liability Insurance to this amount.