Road Safety

Drivers for Learners in Macarthur 

Drivers for Learners in Macarthur is a joint project between Camden Council and Campbelltown City Council. The Booklet aims to provide Learner Drivers and their supervisors with a number of pre-planned routes that could be driven by the Learner Driver in an effort to increase their level of experience in varied driving conditions and assist in accruing driving time towards the minimum 120 hours required during the Learner Licensing phase.

Copies of the booklet can be obtained from the Service NSW at Gregory Hills or from Campbelltown or Camden Council offices.


Learner Log Book Run Events

In addition to the Drivers for Learners in Macarthur booklet, a Day Time Log Book Run event is offered to the community four times each year.

The Log Book Run event is an organised drive based on a route from the booklet which learner drivers and their supervisors are invited to attend.
The Learner Log Book Run provides:

  • A structured day including orientation, breath testing, license, registration and vehicle checks, pit stops, check points, morning tea and lunch;
  • Map and instructions;
  • Covert and overt speed monitoring;
  • Police involvement;
  • Window mounted flags and window mounted car numbers for easy identification of participants
  • Staggered start to avoid large groups of learners in one place;
  • Emergency contact numbers and Tail Vehicle for added safety; and
  • The opportunity for participants to meet, talk with and learn from other Learner Drivers and Supervisors.

One month following each Learner Log Book Run (except those that occur during daylight savings months) a Night Time Learner Log Book Run event is held.

With the added difficulty of reading and driving at night, the night time event is only offered to participants that have previously attended a Day Time Log Book Run event as they already have an understanding of the structure and running of the event and know how to use the route guides and maps. A different route to the Day Time event is used for the Night Time Log Book Run.

The next event scheduled for 12 March 2023. To register your interest, call 4654 7777 or email:

Click here for a list of Frequently Asked Questions about the Log Book Run events.