Alan Baker Art Gallery at Macaria

The Alan Baker Art Gallery occupies the recently renovated, historic Macaria building and provides an opportunity to honour local artist Alan Baker and showcase his artworks.

The Alan Baker collection represent a colourful portrayal of an artist’s life in 20th Century Australia and tells a story of life, Australian tradition, culture and artistic journey.

Alan’s works reveal stories of love, family, community, war, beauty, darkness and tragedy; each capturing history. He reveals the people and places of Macarthur and the role he played in developing an arts network in Camden.

Whilst the gallery is a dedicated showcase of Alan Baker’s works, it also provides an opportunity to connect local artists, foster future artists and promote art in Camden.

Macaria will now be open to the public for the first time in many decades. A total of 79 art works will be on exhibition for public viewing from 11am to 4pm each Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday at 37 John Street, Camden.

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Alan Baker Art Gallery - Vision to Inception

The restoration of Macaria is part of Council’s strategy to invest in the historical Camden Town Centre and create a landmark tourist attraction for residents and visitors to enjoy.

Council’s vision for making Camden’s heritage accessible to the community has been brought to life through the Art Gallery at Macaria.

Macarthur region residents Gary and Melissa Baker, together with Max and Nola Tegel have made available 79 drawings and paintings that depict a window into Alan Baker’s work.

This creative vision was made a reality by Camden Council, which showed its support and commitment to the promotion of arts in the region, by investing in and restoring historical Macaria as Camden’s revitalised home of the arts for the community.

Alan Baker

The Alan Baker Exhibition is a tribute and celebration of a traditionalist whose work captured the beauty that surrounded him. Featured is Baker’s self-portrait painted at the height of his career, c1950. Hung alongside, a collection of works that capture Baker’s mastering of numerous genres including portraiture, still life, landscape, seascape, life drawing and life painting created throughout his career.