Obtaining the Right Approvals

Once you have selected your site, you will now need to consider the right development pathway.

What is the Right Pathway for my Proposal?

Through your site selection process, you will be aware of the zoning that applies to your site and the constraints that may apply. This information will have helped you to work out if you need to lodge a Development Application (DA) or if your proposal can be classed as exempt or complying development.


Exempt and Complying Development for Business

The NSW Government has a system for smaller developments known as exempt and complying development – you can find out more here. This could mean you have a different pathway to manage your proposal – our ‘Do I Need a DA?’ Fact Sheet will help you to understand this process.

The Department of Planning and Environment has prepared information sheets for specific types of exempt and complying development that are relevant to businesses.

*For changes of use, the Codes SEPP groups different types of uses that can be changed to other uses of a similar intensity. You can view the full list at Section 2.20A of the Codes SEPP.

For larger building works, there is specific information around commercial and industrial alterations and new buildings.

If your development is not exempt or complying development you will need to lodge a DA.


Lodging a Development Application

The Development Application Guide provides an overview of the Development Application process and what is required if you need to prepare a Statement of Environmental Effects.

Council has also developed a number of checklists that will help you to understand what else must accompany your DA form.

The DA Guide will help you to understand how your proposal is defined so that you know you are using the right checklist.


Advice from Council

It may be worth speaking with Council before you lodge your DA. This will save both you and Council time in the long run.

  1. You can speak with the Council duty officer for straightforward enquiries. Either phone Council on (02) 4654 7777 or visit Council’s office.
  2. You can arrange a pre-DA meeting. These meetings will either be shorter meetings to discuss more specific questions such as proposed variations to planning controls or full pre-DA meetings for larger and more complex proposals such as a new shopping centre or larger industrial development. You should email a Pre-DA Meeting Application Form and list the questions you would like answered. It’s also best to include concept plans of your proposal. Council will then decide whether to answer your questions in writing or provide a short or full pre-DA meeting.

Council will provide you with an email after any pre-DA meeting that will confirm items discussed. This however, does not guarantee that the proposal will be approved or approved without conditions.

For more complex developments, a qualified town planner will be able to give you advice around any other approval processes that will be required from authorities such as the NSW Mines Subsidence Board or the NSW Rural Fire Service.

You can lodge your DA at either Council's Camden or Narellan office or lodge it electronically. Incomplete applications will be returned.


After development consent

Once Council has provided you with development consent, you are then able to proceed with your development. Depending on your development pathway, you will either have to apply for a Construction Certificate (CC) or if you were able to use the complying development pathway, a Council certifier or private certifier will have signed off on a Complying Development Certificate (CDC).

Use our ‘Building Approvals Process’ Fact Sheet to better understand the process after development consent.