Obtaining the Right Approvals

Once you have selected your site, you will now need to consider the right development pathway.

What is the Right Pathway for My Proposal?

Through your site selection process, you will be aware of the zoning that applies to your site and the constraints that may apply. This information will have helped you to work out if you need to lodge a development application (DA) or if your proposal can be classed as exempt or complying development.


Exempt and Complying Development

The NSW Government has a system for smaller developments known as exempt and complying development. If your development is exempt development you do not need to lodge a development application (DA) with Council. If you development is complying development you need to obtain a complying development certificate from either Council or a registered certifier. For more information please refer to the Check webpage.


Development Advice from Council

Please refer to the Advice webpage for information on how to obtain development advice from Council.


Preparing and Lodging Development Applications

Please refer to the Prepare and Submit webpages for information on how to prepare and lodge development applications with Council. 


After Obtaining Development Consent

Once Council has provided you with development consent you have various post-determination options and your development may require certification before you commence work. Please refer to the Determine and Certify webpages for information on you post-determination options and the need to obtain certification.