Pet Registration

Cat and dog owners in NSW are legally required to microchip and register their pets. Kittens and puppies must be microchipped before they are 12 weeks old or before being sold or given away. They must then be registered before they are 6 months old.

Microchipping allows us to contact you if your pet goes missing and is taken to a vet, pound or shelter.

All cats and dogs over 12 weeks old must also wear an identification tag attached to their collar that is engraved with their name and their owner’s contact number.


To register your pet, bring your pet’s identification certificate and any other relevant documents to one of Council's Customer Service Centre's.

A one-off fee applies for pet registration


Desexed Animal (certificate required) $55
Non Desexed Animal $201
Breeder Concession $55
Pensioner Concession (desexed animal only) $23