Camden Town Centre Urban Design Framework

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Project Name Camden Town Centre Urban Design Framework 
Project Address Camden Town Centre 
Ward South 
Expected Completion Date Late 2017 

Project Background 

Camden Council has commenced the Camden Town Centre Urban Design Framework which will be a long term strategic framework for decision making within the Camden Town Centre. Camden Council has engaged a team of consultants, led by McGregor Coxall to develop an Urban Design Framework for Camden Town Centre. This framework will provide a structure for the future direction of Camden Town Centre by addressing both existing challenges and future opportunities. Attached is a copy of the study brief.

The project is anticipated to be completed by 2017. During this time there will be community engagement and opportunities to get involved in the development of the Urban Design Framework.

Engagement sessions will be throughout 2017 to further gain an understanding of opportunities, challenges and big ideas for Camden Town Centre from discussion with both community members and stakeholders.

To guide initial thinking the consultant team has developed a town centre revitalisation approach called “place vitality” that intrinsically integrates both masterplanning and place making together, that seeks to create a resilient and sustainable future for Camden Town Centre.

Project Program

The Urban Design Framework is being undertaken in a series of 5 key stages. These are outlined below. 



The design process is proceeding into stage 3.

Stage 1 - has included a review of background documents by the consultant team as well as on the ground site observations.

Stage 2 - was the beginning of the community engagement process with open days held at the Camden Markets and a Saturday afternoon pop up out the front of Blooms Chemist on Argyle St as well as a pop up engagement during the Camden Show.

Stage 3 - will seek to collate and synthesis the information that has occurred in Stage 1 and 2, prepare this into a succinct report and undertake community and business engagement.

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Interested in the background documents that the consultant team have been reviewing in stage 1? You can access the documents by the following links:

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Who to contact

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