Argyle Street Streetscape Improvements - Stage 1

The enhancement works will upgrade and enhance the main street of Camden, improve pedestrian access and safety and encourage a slower speed environment. These works will help ensure the main street of Camden remains relevant to a growing Local Government Area. 

 150710 Argyle Street V2 Existing


 150710 Argyle Street V2 Future

BEFORE (Stage 1A)



AFTER (Stage 1A)


 150710 Argyle Street V1 Existing


 150710 Argyle Street V1 Future

BEFORE (Stage 1B)



AFTER (Stage 1B)



 Project Name Argyle Street Streetscape Improvements - Stage 1
Project Address Argyle Street, Camden - Location Map
Ward South
Project Outcome Improved pedestrian safety and access, improved traffic management, provide safer and wider footpaths, in order to cater for future growth. 
Project Budget  $5.95 Million
Expected Completion Date

Stage 1A - From Oxley Street to John Street - late July 2016

Stage 1B - From John Street to Hill Street - late July 2016

About the Project

Upgrades to the Camden Town Centre streetscapes are imperative to ensure Camden continues to grow and flourish. The injection of significant infrastructure into the Camden CBD before Council moves to Oran Park in 2016 will help ensure Camden is stronger and better placed than what it is today. 

In June 2008 Council adopted the Camden Town Centre Strategy 2008. The purpose of the Strategy was to provide planning principles and establish a framework for the implementation of a range of public realm improvements within the Camden Town Centre.

Camden sits within one of the fastest growing parts of the Sydney Metropolitan Area.  In addition there have been many challenges affecting Camden including the recent increase in size and role of the Narellan Town Centre and the relocation of Council’s Administration Centre to Oran Park in 2016.

Given these challenges, in 2014, Council commenced investigations to guide the future of the Camden town centre.  JBA Urban Town Planning consultants were appointed by Council to engage with the community and stakeholders to develop a vision for the Camden town centre.

Council subsequently adopted the Camden Town Centre Vision Report on 14 April 2015. Refer to Council Report and the Camden Centre Vision Report for more information.

Council ran an extensive community consultation period for the Argyle Street streetscape improvements in 2014 over an extended 8 week period, with 587 formal submissions containing over 3,000 individual comments.  The consultation process identified majority community support for the proposed works.

Significant grant funding of approximately $2 Million has contributed to the overall Stage 1 budget.

Specific features of this project include:

  • Installation of traffic lights at the intersection of Oxley Street and Argyle Street
  • Pedestrian signals to replace the zebra crossing on Argyle Street, between John Street and Hill Street
  • Increased footpath widths on Argyle Street
  • Improved footpath cross slopes for better accessibility
  • Drainage improvement works
  • Upgrade street furniture
  • Improved street lighting using LED lights
  • Upgrade to footpath paving material (light grey granite pavers)
  • Road pavement renewals


The first component of the project between Oxley Street and John Street was completed in July 2016.

The next stage of works between John Street and Hill Street was completed in August 2016.

Construction Impacts

There were some changes to parking, pedestrian and traffic arrangements during these works. Access to shop fronts was maintained at all times, unless otherwise agreed with relevant shopkeepers. Most of the construction works occured during daytime hours, however, some works were programmed to be completed at night to minimise traffic impacts.

Latest Update

As part of finalisation works of the overall project, warranty works in both Stages 1A and 1B will be commencing on 10 January 2017, with works expected to be completed by mid-February.

The works include paving rectification works, garden bed adjustments, and electrical works.

Council has undertaken prior notification to businesses affected by the works, and will be liaising with businesses as works proceed.

It is intended that as much work as possible will be undertaken at night. Works will be undertaken in small localised areas to minimise disruption to the community.

The works are being undertaken substantially in January as advice from local; businesses indicated that this period is their quietest trading time.

More Information

Project Documents

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