Water Quality

The Camden Local Government Area is growing rapidly as rural lands are transformed into residential suburbs. This urban growth will increase the amount of hard surfaces such as roofs, paths, driveways, roads and carparks, which prevent rainwater from absorbing into the ground. These hard surfaces direct large volumes of fast moving ‘stormwater’ into our waterways through the gutters and drainage pipes. This stormwater carries with it pollutants which flow into our wetlands, creeks and the Nepean River, degrading the health of our waterways.

Monitoring water quality provides an assessment of the health of our local waterways. By having this information and understanding the catchments surrounding the waterway, Council can develop better management strategies to maintain and enhance the local environment.

Council currently undertakes a comprehensive water quality monitoring program, measuring the health of the Nepean River and associated waterways. These programs are being undertaken for the following reasons:

  • Public Health: assess the suitability of water flowing in creeks, and stored in Lakes and Ponds for various recreational activities
  • Environment: assess stream health and the protection of aquatic ecosystems
  • Legislation: ensure Council fulfills its Duty of Care compliance obligations with regard to stormwater harvesting, reuse and development controls

Data is available to the community and interested authorities upon request. For more information about water quality in the Camden Local Government Area, please contact Council on 4654 7777.