Kerbside Collection

The Kerbside Collection is provided to enable residents to easily dispose of waste that is too bulky for the normal garbage collection. Residential properties are eligible for two (2) Kerbside Collection services per financial year. The service is based on a booking system.

Residents must follow these four steps to an easy collection: 

  1. Do not put your unwanted material on the kerbside until you have made a booking with Council and confirmed the booking date. Phone 4654 7777 to arrange a booking.
  2. Place material on the kerbside no earlier than two (2) days before the collection. Material should be out by the evening before your collection day as collections can start early.
  3. Get the volume right. Only three (3) cubic metres of material will be accepted from each property (3m x 1m x 1m).
  4. Separate the general waste, metals and greenwaste into three (3) piles. Material must be clear of obstructions such as vehicles. 

Download Kerbside Collection brochure

Book a Kerbside Collection

What Can and Cannot be Collected

General Items Acceptable for Collection

  • Bulky household items such as furniture
  • Mattresses
  • Children's toy
  • Barbeques (excluding the gas bottle)
  • Carpet cut and rolled into one (1) metre lengths (limited to one room only)
  • Small and loose material in bags or boxed

General Items Not Acceptable for Collection

  • No food waste or recyclables
  • No construction, demolition or renovation materials (e.g. kitchen , bathroom material)
  • No hazardous waste (e.g. fuels, oils, acids, thinners, paints, paint containers)
  • No gas cyclinders
  • No agricultural equipment
  • No tyres, batteries or car parts
  • No items over two (2) metres in length

Metal Items Acceptable for Collection

  • Whitegoods with the doors removed 
  • Hot water systems
  • Dismantled metal play equipment
  • Lawnmowers

Metal Items Not Acceptable for Collection

  • Whitegoods left for collection that could trap and suffocate young children. To avoid this danger, doors must be removed from whitegoods and other large air tight containers before disposal
  • Lawnmowers containing fuel and oil
  • All appliance cords and hoses removed

Greenwaste Items Acceptable for Collection

  • Vegetation and pruning must be tied in secure bundles with natural string
  • Bundles less than 60cm in diametre and one (1) metre in length

Greenwaste Items Not Acceptable for Collection

  • No large branches, logs or tree stumps
  • No plastic string
  • No loose or unbundled materials
  • No fencing or landscaping materials

If you are unsure of whether an item is acceptable for collection or have any other enquiries please phone Camden Council on 4654 7777.