Biodiversity Certification

I have received a s149 Certificate for my property and it says it is Biodiversity Certified. What does this mean?

In submitting a development application, a proponent is required to consider the impact of the development on threatened species on the site. However, if the land has been Biodiversity Certified, the proponent is not required to undertake an assessment of threatened species on the site as this has already been completed.

Biodiversity Certification addresses biodiversity issues upfront. For Biodiversity Certification to be achieved, it must be demonstrated that proposed conservation measures, to be applied to certain public lands within the Assessment Area, will improve or maintain biodiversity values. This approach enables practical decision-making and recognises the importance of opting for a cost-effective approach to delivering offset requirements.

The South West Growth Centre underwent Biodiversity Certification during the preparation of the State Environmental Planning Policy (Sydney Region Growth Centres) 2006 and Biodiversity Certification has been conferred over the Emerald Hills Estate. In addition, Council has recently made an application to confer biodiversity certification of El Caballo Blanco, Gledswood and Camden Lakeside Precincts at Gledswood Hills.

For more information about Biodiversity Certification please contact Council’s Sustainability Team Leader on 4645 5004.